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Home made Hot Chocolate

As the weather gets a bit colder, this hot chocolate is perfect for curling up with on the sofa. Definitely a winter warmer with the addition of the cream liqueur.

It is so much nicer than instant hot chocolate powders! Once you try this recipe, it'll be hard to go back!

Hot Chocolate

Servings: 2


500ml Full Fat Milk

15g Honey

40g Nutella or Praline Paste

Large Pinch of Sea Salt

80g Dark Chocolate (64-80% Cocoa Solids)

For Adults Only: 70ml Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur


  1. Warm milk, honey, nutella/praline paste and salt until just simmering. Whisk constantly.

  2. Add the chocolate and keep whisking on a low heat until fully melted.

  3. Check the taste, add more honey or salt to adjust to your personal taste.

  4. Once happy with the seasoning, pour hot chocolate into mugs and add 35ml Coole Swan to each hot chocolate.

  5. Enjoy!

If you don't have Coole Swan, feel free to use another cream Liqueur like Bailey's or even get a bit more adventurous with a Spiced Rum!

For Extra Indulgence:

Whisk up some cream and add Coole Swan to it. Use this to top your hot chocolate. You can also grate some extra chocolate on top!

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